New Arrivals: 5 new silver necklaces

Armenian jewelry in all its glory, brought to you by PreGomesh.

We have enhanced our handmade silver necklace collection with 5 more beautiful pieces of art. Available for online purchase only, the designs can be shipped all over the world.

We want you to find your own unique match among these 5 exceptional necklaces that we have selected for you. Once again, staying true to ourselves, Pregomesh entered the platform of modern fashion with brand new interpretations of ancient Armenian jewelry. The authentic historical details are the embodiment of weary work of our jewelry masters. Matching the modern day trendy needs of our clients and inspired by the works of famous Armenian master Artsrun Berberyan, we have created these 5 new necklaces.  All named after the greatest Armenian women - "Anahid", "Kayaneh", "Soseh", "Aspram" and "Nuard".

Giving the new choker accessory a fashionable Armenian touch, Pregomesh assures that the new arrivals are going to be among your favorites. Historians claim that neckbands like these were very popular among the noblewomen of Armenia. Being aware of the present day fashion patterns, Pregomesh has decided to interpret the Armenian history, highlighting the best, the richest and the most beautiful. The diamond shapes on "Kayaneh" and "Nuard" choker necklaces symbolize the formation of life and a new beginning.

"Kayaneh" (Gayane) necklace bares the name of a saint of the Armenian Apostolic Church who has overcame various obstacles escaping to Armenia and staying faithful to her belief in the year of 301. Nuard (a new rose) - the wife of king Ara The Beautiful, symbolizing family and devotion. In historic writings she is portrayed as an unconditionally devoted and a faithful woman.. The almond shapes on the necklace "Soseh" are finished with the world famous silver decorating technique Filigree. As you already know, in the Armenian traditional clothing, the almond shapes symbolize fertility and fruitfulness. The story tells that during the battles of her husband, Soseh or more famously known among Armenians as Mother Soseh, has been urging her husband to join the armed battle. The next necklace is named after Armenian 10th century princess Aspram, who was exceptionally beautiful and famous for her loyalty. The coins on "Aspram" necklace serve as protective ornaments. The quiet sound made by the silver was believed to protect from all the evil spirits and cast them away. Saving the best for last - our crowning achievement, the “Anahid” necklace. Anahid was the Mother of the Armenian pantheon, the patron of all women and all that was beautiful. As it is documented by Armenian history experts, a necklace like "Anahid"  was used only during royal ceremonies.

All of these women and all of these symbols have come together to form a collective of a modern day Armenian woman. And what is the essential for a modern Armenian woman? Armenian jewelry in all its glory, brought to you by PreGomesh.

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