Silver Belt "Salome"

By PreGomesh Exclusive


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Massive silver belts with glorious cufflinks were an integral part of the look of noble men and women. Belts were used both in religious and secular lives. 
This refined version of the 18th Century traditional belt preserves rich silversmithery heritage of Van, Dvin and Karin including tissue surfaces, convex floral details and natural stones. The basis of the belt is the ethnic Dove ornament which was widely used in Armenia and the Eastern World symbolizing femineity and purity. The center part of the belt is the Aryan hexagon which symbolizes the unity of the sky and the earth.
The base belt of this piece was brought from Van at the beginning of 20th Century. Today it is kept in the Museum of Ejmiatsin. 
Item: Fully Handmade Silver Belt
Metal: Silver 925
Stones: Serdolik, red coral, pearl, turquoise, jade, ruby, emerald
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