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ZANGEZUR - Our new Statement Silver Earrings

Oct 19, 2017

I wanted to make statement earrings!

 BIG, Beautiful, Ethnic silver earrings that would compliment a women’s face and make any evening outfit look more special! 

So I started my search for inspiration...

Going through photos of 19th century Armenian women and through ethnic books, I stumbled upon something that I thought had that special piece that I was looking for…

… a 19th century Men’s belt from the Province of Zangezur!…

Now it was time to figure out how to turn this bold heavy piece of silver, made to show the strength and power of the men, to something delicate, feminine and also (very important) easy and comfortable to wear on the ears…

Together with our silversmiths we decided to draw out the shapes and ethnic ornaments and try to remake it using the filigree technique, which is a very delicate process. Since we have the masters of filigree on our team I was sure they would make it possible!

 And so the “Zangezur” earrings were born.. the mixture of strength and feminism.. 


To know about the interesting origin of the word “Zangezur” read below

Legend has it that Armenians used to ring the bell of the “Khot” monastery whenever an enemy approached. When Amir Timur reached the shore of Aras, one of the princes helped him break the bell (arm: zang, զանգ) and so he was able to cross the Aras. After that invasion, people of “Khot” province said: “Zangn e zur” (eng: Bell in vain), noting the fact that the bell wasn’t there to protect them.