Pregomesh Summer Collection

Aug 25, 2015

This summer we have decided to do something that was different and new for us, so we teamed up with Sholla  Accessories to celebrate the season with a colorful gift for our dear customers.

Only a few days left for our ONE TIME ONLY summer exclusives; set of 5 colorful bracelets together with Long and Short necklaces. The positive attitude in these Pregomesh Handmade products will give a sunny look to any outfit of your choice. The colorful beads are accompanied with handcrafted silver charms. You can find variations of the same designer bracelet with different colors and pendants in one set. It consists of 5 charms, each carrying a significant historical meaning. The Cross, famously known as the everlasting symbol of Christianity. The Horseshoe believed to bring luck to those who have it on their doorstep. The Pomegranate, the marvelous symbol of beauty, fruitfulness and long lasting culture. Moreover we have included the Leaf pendant just to carry around a little bit of nature, everywhere you go. And at last The Pregomesh Handmade Accessories' Logo. A little treat from us, to all of our devoted customers. We know that a summer outfit can't be complete without a few levels of sunny necklaces on your neck. That is why in addition to these beautiful charm bracelets on your wrist, the Long and Short necklaces Pregomesh has created are a must. You can wear those together to make a two piece combination. It is widely believed that the handcrafted silver coin on the longer necklace may also bring money along its way.

Even though each pendant compliments the other, our customers have been very active posting photo submissions to our social media with their fashion experiments. Do not forget to subscribe to us on all the social media platforms to get the latest sneak peaks and be updated for the surprises we have prepared for the upcoming fall season.


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