Choker "Aghtamar"

By Pregomesh


Aghtamar, otherwise known as Aghtamar Holy Cross Church, is located in Mets Hayk’s Vaspurakan province, on the island of Aghtamar. The Holy Cross Church (915-921) was considered one of the gems of Armenian architecture. Ornamental patterns and trimmings, which are considered to be the historical basis for the choker, stretch across the borders of the Aghtamar Church. Inspired by Armenian architecture, the Aghtamar choker is formed by a fragment cut out from the above mentioned ornament, decorated with the symbols of eternity.

Aghtamar enriches the elegant Armenian neck even more and adds a historical meaning, making it a re-cultivated phenomenon, with no time limit.

Metal: Silver 925 / Gram 70

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