Earrings "Zanger"

By Pregomesh


"I wanted to make statement earrings!

 BIG, Beautiful, Ethnic silver earrings that would compliment a women’s face and make any evening outfit look more special!"

For creation of “Zangezur” collection two parts from the belt buckle have been chosen- the side part of the clasp and the verge of the buckle. Through the skilled hands of our jewelers, these two parts of the belt turned into the earrings made in the scrupulous technique of filigree, a special technique of crafting jewelry from thin sheets of hardened metal to the pattern. One of the earrings has the shape of a bell while another one looks like a monastery with a bell dome. Legend has it that Armenians used to ring the bell of the “Khot” monastery whenever an enemy approached. When Amir Timur reached the shore of Aras, one of the princes helped him break the bell (arm: zang, զանգ) and so he was able to cross the Aras. After that invasion, people of “Khot” province said: “Zangn e zur” (eng: Bell in vain), noting the fact that the bell wan’t there to protect them.

Silver 925
Gram 24

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