Necklace "Etchmiadzin"

By Pregomesh


This delicate silver necklace bears an important religious and cultural name for Armenians. Named after the Holy Temple of Etchmiadzin, the necklace is based on the outlining of its flooring. This sacred temple was built between 302-303 AD, and according to historians, the location for the foundation was chosen by Christ himself, who came down from the sky with a golden hammer in his hand as he struck that very spot. It is said that this is the very same location that Noah gave his sacrifice to God, thanking him for being saved from the great flood. The structure for Etchmiadzin is in fact very unique, as it is the only one in the world to have so many layers of founding stones, giving it the strength to be able to withstand the burdens of time and religious trials. While the necklace itself is very graceful, it represents a deeper source of strength and endurance.

Silver 925 / Gram 50

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