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Go big or go home

May 25, 2018

2018 in the jewelry fashion world is all about screaming go big or go home. Bold, wild and in your face jewelry is on the rise, and Pregomesh is helping to set the trend with it’s new ring, “Ag.” This attention grabbing, silver ring packs a real punch while epitomizing strength in femininity. Jewelry should reflect your essence, and nothing is quite as strong and awe-inspiring as this stunning combination.

With fourteen grams of pure silver this solid piece of jewelry isn’t playing games. It is a unique and powerful ring that stands out loudly against the crowd, impossible to ignore. The daring woman wearing this ring will not go unnoticed. It is sure to attract the looks and admiration of all.

Complimenting its heavy appearance, we decided that the most suitable name to give the piece is Ag. Ag (argentum) is the chemical symbol for silver in Mendeleev's periodic table of elements. The eye-catching silver piece is reminiscent of an ingot of silver, heavy with decorative Armenian imagery.

Contrary to it’s tough appearance, silver has always been associated with femininity in Armenian culture. This concept is reinforced with the known and true feminine symbol of the triangle, whis is beautifully represented in this ring.

To complete your look, we suggest pairing the "Ag" ring with the "Syunik" earrings. The combination of circular and triangular motifs, a balance between mysticism and earthly force, will make for a distinct and striking style that will turn heads.