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PreRed Lovers' Day

Jan 25, 2019

PreRED Lovers' Day

6 Valentine's Day Date Ideas and the Outfits to Match

There’s a reason why the world is colored red on Valentine’s Day. For centuries, the color has been associated with the feelings of passion, desire and love. This intense color has a strange effect on people, it makes the heart rate rise, blood pressure too! Did you know that studies have shown the color red to magnify a man’s attraction towards a woman? Likewise, women are more likely to feel attracted to a man in a photo wearing red or standing in front of a red background.

Well, if that’s the case paint us red and send us out into the world, because we all know the pressures of wanting to look our best and most attractive for that special someone on Valentine’s Day. We want to dress to impress. Of course, we’re not suggesting that you really go out on your date completely covered in red, even if monochrome outfits seem to be a new trend creeping up on us. We like what we see in the fashion industry, as there are a lot of admirable street styles to be discovered in 2018 and the beginning of 2019.  Red is certainly one of our favorite colors at Pregomesh, so we’re here to help you mix, match and incorporate the color of love in your Valentine’s Day outfit in our set of favorite Valentine’s Day looks!

Tame the beast.. Wild for Silver

This season is all about animal prints. Everywhere we look we see python, leopard, and zebra prints. Stores are simply exploding with them! Print outfits are so wild and bold on their own that you don’t need to add much to accent it. Strut your fierce stuff with a bold red print outfit like this coupled with Pregomesh’s equally bold silver jewelry for a stunning combination. This look can be worn to a classic movie-dinner date or if you’re planning on going to a party where you want to really stand out.

Earrings "Zapel"
Ring "Christian Island"
Coin Necklace " Levnon II"

Lady in Red

If you really want to go for a classic lady in red look, look no further. This outfit is perfect for the elegant lady who wouldn’t dream of leaving the house on Valentine’s Day without a sleek red dress and a pair of high heels. This time-honored outfit has never failed, and paired with pieces from our Pregomesh best sellers collection to highlight the look, you will simply be the focus of everyone’s attention. If you want to go out on the town in red or whip out that favorite little black dress, this jewelry will fit the bill and give your holiday outfit that extra punch. Wear it on a night out to a fancy restaurant or your favorite jazz club!

Choker "Zangezur"
Earrings "Zangezur"
Ring "Zangezur"


Cooler than diamonds

This look is for all the girls who value comfort above all else. You can still look amazing without sacrificing your feet to the pains of high heels. And you can totally make a statement with silver instead of diamonds. This is truly a 2019 look with bright colors and a perfect blend of a classic look and comfort. Jewelry with jagged and pointy edges show that this lady means business and she’s here to look glamorous and lovely on her terms. This outfit is perfect for any kind of fun activity whether it’s strolling in the city center, going to your favorite cafe or perhaps a romantic ice skating date!

Coin Necklace "Levon II"
Hoop earrings "Siunia"
Ring "Ag"

Staying Home

Not all of us are ready to leave the comfort of our own homes this Valentine’s Day. Some of us prefer to stay snuggly and warm with our beau, watching movies and sharing a home cooked meal. This doesn’t mean you can’t spice things up for the holidays with a touch of sexy. You can totally rock your stay-at-home look with some glitz and glam. Get dolled up in your own little way and greet your loved one with a spark of festivity when they come home.

Necklace "Bethlehem Star" 
Necklace "Archangel Michael"
Earrings "Bethlehem Star" 

On the Hunt

If you are spending Valentine’s Day on the prowl and ready to meet new people, get ready in this cute outfit and strike a pose. Have a fresh outlook? Let it reflect in your fresh new outfit. You’ll be ready to welcome everything new with this unique look, because you never know when you’ll meet that perfect someone. And since first impressions are the most important, make sure you leave them by paying attention to the details. Something shimmery and silver and from Pregomesh will surely do the trick at catching his eye. Show off this outfit at any group gathering or party, you might just get lucky in love!

Earrings "Barez"
 Ring "Garni" 
Ring "Eprat"