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W2: Pregomesh Weekly Findings

Oct 25, 2018

Take a look at what we’ve found…

We’ve discovered something that you won’t be able to see everyday at a regular store. It’s no secret that Pregomesh values history and heritage. It has always been a goal of Pregomesh to let it’s followers and loyal customers know how much it cares about the foundations of culture, art, design, symbolism etc.. We value our national heritage as much as heritage of other ancient nations. That is the reason why the founder and creative director Sirusho created a project, where every week we will visit different corners of Armenia to uncover different unique and interesting items and present to you.

As promised, this week we are going to present to you this week’s find. This melchior-style teapot dates back to the 20th century and even though we found it in Yerevan, its roots actually extend towards north-west Africa and the Mediterranean Sea.


Notice the detailed work on this teapot, which is typical of the regions art decor. This vintage treasured gem placed in a modern interior setting can be used not only as an actual teapot but also as a vase, both as a form of decoration and as… in other words, it will definitely be seen as something beautiful regardless of its role.

You can buy this week’s find from the Pregomesh Favorites section.