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Pregomesh Weekly Findings

Oct 16, 2018


Pregomesh is introducing a new project

Take a look at what we’ve found…

We’ve discovered something that you won’t be able to see everyday at a regular store. It’s no secret that Pregomesh values history and heritage. It has always been a goal of Pregomesh to let it’s followers and loyal customers know how much it cares about the foundations of culture, art, design, symbolism etc.. We value our national heritage as much as heritage of other ancient nations. That is the reason why the founder and creative director Sirusho created a project, where every week we will visit different corners of Armenia to uncover different unique and interesting items and present to you.

In a time when there is such an overabundance of products, we know that each person is on the hunt for something unique, special, untouched… Something that is one of a kind, that stands out and “keeps history alive”.

So we began our quest last week, excavating for interesting items, be that pates, jewelry, tools or other items which are beautiful, rare and antique.

This week we found bowls from the 20th century which were used to serve with as well as to adorn tables.

When it reached the Pregomesh office, we began to study its quality, the material used to make it, the ornamental designs etc. Our visual memory lead us to a small table drawer where we kept a book about Urfa’s needlework. And do you know what we discovered...? That’s right, the flowers had almost the same design and color scheme.

Similar items can be used both as a decorative item, and for practical use as a serving plate․ At least one corner of a modern interior would thirst for decoration with such eye catching patterns and colors.

The bowls are made from bronze which are embellished with enamel, and date back centuries from Central Asia.

We hope you enjoy joining us on our journey through to the past as we unravel treasures and learn more about the cultures and traditions of different nations as well as our ancestors.