Pregomesh sets the standard for bold and stylish silver jewelry. Offering immaculate craftsmanship and original designs rooted in rich heritage, our rings, bracelets, necklaces, and brooches make a statement when they’re paired with any outfit. Founded in 2012 by Sirusho, Pregomesh is a brand that aims to share the beautiful tradition of Armenian jewelry-making with the world. Since 2023, Pregomesh has expanded its lines to include jewelry for men as well. Continuing to set the standard for bold and stylish silver jewelry, each piece is crafted with the same dedication to quality and longevity. Our journey into men's jewelry marks a new chapter in our story, defined by a commitment to redefining masculine style. Taking inspiration from history and cultural motifs and combining them with seasonal trends and styles, each piece produced by Pregomesh is designed, named, handmade, and packaged in Armenia with the goal to last and be passed on through generations.

Pregomesh is the point where the 18th century meets Contemporary fashion.

The Pregomesh Process

The process of creating a piece of Pregomesh jewelry is no different than that of any high fashion production. Quality, design, and handmade craftsmanship are of utmost value to Pregomesh; each and every product is tried and tested before being available for purchase.

Sirusho–who is widely known as one of Armenia’s top pop stars–is the brand’s founder, designer, and creative director. She comes up with the idea for every piece, digs through historical photos and books for accurate references, and imbues each sketch with a contemporary twist to ensure its resonance with today's woman.

The original designs are then discussed with our team of trusted silversmiths, high-quality natural stones are sourced from around the world, and several samples are created by hand until the product reaches its perfect final form. From conception to sale, each piece handmade by Pregomesh spends about a month in production, undergoing quality checks and endurance tests, before it becomes available for you to purchase.

The Pregomesh brand is made up of three distinct lines. The Exclusive line is deeply rooted in heritage and offers big, bold, and heavy designs that make a statement. The Basic line boasts a large variety of silver jewelry for everyday wear. You can easily mix and match these pieces and create a capsule collection that can be worn day to night. Lastly, the Maral line offers bridal jewelry with designs and motifs carefully picked out to have cultural significance on your special day.

We are proudly

  • Hand Crafted

    Each step of jewelry making at Pregomesh is filled with love, passion and a notion of giving new breath to the cultural heritage of humanity.

  • Lifelong Impressions

    We are the point where Vogue meets Armenian heritage of centuries.

  • Your Special Companion

    Vintage looking silver treasures with a trendy new touch that makes it easy to wear with both evening dresses and t-shirts.

"I stand by every design that’s been produced by us, knowing the months of work that went into each and every piece" Sirusho

Timeless yet trendy, the bold and sterling silver jewelry from Pregomesh has grown to be loved by thousands of clients internationally. Having shipped to over 65 countries all around the world, Pregomesh has built a strong and diverse client base that regularly shops its every drop.

We are proud to have graced the pages of British Vogue and PeopleTalk, collaborated with Brides and Conde Nast Traveller, and found ourselves on the cover of Elle Russia in 2021. We were presented at a Milan Fashion Week workshop in 2017 and 2022 and were also the first Armenian brand to have a pop-up at a Bloomingdale’s Trunkshow in 2019, which was sold out in two hours. Moreover, local and international public figures such as the Kardashians have adorned several of our pieces in the last few years. We can’t wait to see where Pregomesh goes next.

You will never receive a piece from Pregomesh that has not passed through the hands of Sirusho and the team of world-class silversmiths. Wear your Pregomesh jewelry with love, pride, and passion, and keep the rich heritage of silversmithing alive, whether that be on your wedding day or every day.

Our jewelry is available online and in select stores in Armenia, Canada, and the U.S.A. Be bold with Pregomesh.