We want you to enjoy your Pregomesh jewelry for years to come. We provide our customers with a 6-month warranty for our stone range and a one-year warranty for our silver only jewelry. The Pregomesh Exclusive collection is under warranty for a period of two years from the date of purchase. Jewelry under warranty will be repaired free of charge. Please keep your jewelry passport or purchase receipt after the purchase, as it is required for the free repair.

If your jewelry ever needs servicing, you can trust our professionals to repair it while maintaining its beauty and durability. Simply bring your product to a Pregomesh store, and our staff will ship it to our service center on your behalf. You will be given a receipt in the store, which you will need to present when you come to pick up the repaired product.

In the store, you will be informed about the initial cost of the service, which may vary depending on the degree of damage. The final price will be clearly provided at the time of receipt of the repaired product.

Please note that our warranty policy does not give you the right to replace or return broken or stolen items. We can prepare the lost part for you only for a certain fee.

*Products that have been out of production for more than 6 months are not subject to repair.

Polish Not available
Repair broken detail 1500-6000 AMD
Repair scratch 1000-2000  AMD
The stone has fallen, put a new one Free, if the stone is missing -  2500 AMD
Lengthen / shorten Not Available 
Detail is missing 1500-6000 AMD
Clasp is broken FREE
Chain is broken 1000-4000 AMD
Piercing is broken 1000 AMD
Piercing plug is missing 200-800 AMD
Gold plated (recover) 1000-5000 AMD
Pearl beads broken 500-30000 AMD
Pearl discolored, put a new one 500-3000 AMD
One is lost, make a pair Half the price of the product + polish the other pair