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Heavy Chain Necklaces Are About to Take Over

Sep 30, 2021

“They are everywhere” starting from Paris fashion shows up to NY street styles, spicing up any look they get mixed up with. Yes you are right, we are talking about the Chains necklaces. Chins on clothing, on designer bags and of course on bare neck. This jewelry piece stole the show and became an inseparable part of any girl's wardrobe.  

The chunky chains were in fashion back in the 19s, but the new wave of 20s colorful and fast-growing fashion industry brought them to another level of admiration and desire to wear. 

The practical use of the chains as well as feeling of a strong and independent woman are the main reasons the piece won’t go out of trend.

The “Khachen” by Pregomesh is a combination of trend and traditional classics. A piece for everyday wear as well as special occasions makes any appearance more attractive and unique. Pregomesh follows the trends but won’t stop dictating its rules. Therefore we have combined the trend with Armenian symbolic cross elements and “Khachen”came to life. The chain follows its destiny by emphasizing womanhood and power on the neck of any woman. 

The “Khachen” chain has become an iconic product and is in the wishlist of many girls out there. By the spirit it carries and the trend it follows the piece will stay in our best sellers yet too long.