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FAKE VS ORIGINAL || What are you paying for?

Nov 15, 2021


Pregomesh considers its duty to inform us that along with the company’s success, many fake samples of our jewelry have now appeared in the market 

We want our customers to be sure of the exclusivity of the products and for what they pay. 

The only motivation for buying a fake product is the low price. The price of original Pregomesh jewelry is based on a number of components such as time and complexity of hand-made process, product warranty, branding, brand value, packaging.

Behind every original Pregomesh piece stands a whole creation process: idea, sketch, masters’ work - a huge team (including marketing, design, packaging, advertising, styling, shooting, etc.)

Here are the main preconditions that will help you distinguish original Pregomesh jewelry from fake one.

  • The jewelry is made of real silver (925 sterling silver which is stamped right on the jewelry.)
  • Pregomesh logo is engraved on all the jewelry pieces.
  • Pregomesh jewelry is given together with the certificate, including the name of the piece, stone, metal origin, code and the date of the purchase.
  • Pregomesh jewelry is given in Pregomesh branded boxes and bags (Basic collection with a black velvet pouch and a branded paper bag, Heritage Exclusive collection with a black box and a branded paper bag, Gozal Bridal collection with a white velvet pouch and a branded paper bag).
  • Verified purchase points are (1) Vostan - 8 Abovyan, (2) Nuar Multibrand - Mesrop Mashtots 39,  (3) Gallery.od - Mesrop Mashtots 50, (4) Official website - www.pregomesh.com

We leave it to the buyer’s decision to wear pieces with a metal-plastic stone of unknown origin or to have an original Pregomesh.

We are thankful for our loyal customers, for choosing us and for appreciating a real work of art🐃❤️‍🔥