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Mar 08, 2018

Recently, the Pregomesh team came across some old photos of Armenian women through the ages. We were very much inspired by what we saw. Everything in their characteristics, their style and the energy that they projected gave a us a glimpse into what it was like to be an Armenian woman in the past. In many cases, these characteristics are still true, even today. That is why we decided to conduct a photo shoot to portray the modern Armenian woman who is just as gentle, feminine, charming, strong, intelligent, caring and stylish.

With these women as our muses we tried to create a new image of the Armenian woman, and hoped to portray many of the same traits using the elements found in our very own Pregomesh jewelry line. Armenian women of today are a bit different, but also stay true to their heritage. They embody all the same qualities of their ancestors, but display it in a uniquely modern way. We wish to celebrate this image of an Armenian woman. If you are ever struggling for an idea of what to give as a gift to your wife, mother, sister or bride, we hope that you will find inspiration in this article, and that you will want to see her adorned in that Pregomesh glow.

She is a “mother,” she is a “wife,” she is the “heart” of home

She is a nurturing being, who helped to raise her children into strong, independent adults. She is there to catch you when you fall, to guide you in your times of trouble and to nurse you when you are feeling ill. She is a mother and a wife, who brings happiness, joy and color to the home. She is graceful, warm and kind. Nothing would suit her more than our "Dove" bracelet, a dainty piece of jewelry which features the Armenian Shamshik (Dove) ornament. It is a symbol that represents femininity, purity and peace, which are all characteristics that reflect the Armenian mother and wife.

She is stylish, she is bold

She turns heads with her confident strut, her nonchalant gaze and mysterious aura. She knows her self worth, she demands only the best things in life, because she deserves it. Proud, bold and beautiful, this stylish woman expresses her artistic creativity in everything she does. The perfect thing to compliment her fashion taste is our striking “Dome” belt, coupled with the mysterious “Qarahounj” ring and the trendy "Karin" bracelet. A combination of mystery, spirituality and good taste, the symbols of these pieces embody the stylish and bold woman perfectly.

She is a protector, she is fearless

A strong woman knows how to defend what she loves. She is a brave lioness, a protector with a heart of gold, steadfast and unwavering in what she believes in. She will stand up for those  who are weak and in need of a protector and will draw courage from the depths of her heart and rise above her adversaries. Do not be fooled by her feminine exterior, because while she is gentle she is not fragile. She will not break under pressure, but rather thrive under it. A source of pride, this brave woman deserves to show off her strength with the “Pride” necklace, which represents our ideology and our strong-willed character.

She is fiery, she is energetic

She is passionate in everything she does, bringing life and color to all aspects of life. She appreciates culture, music, dance and tradition. She has a vivacious spirit and a source of contagious positive energy, which she passes on to others through her talents. She is the center of attention who brightens up a room when she enters. She has spunk and pazazz and never goes unnoticed. Full of spirit and positivity, she is a treasure to all who know her. Her bright and energetic nature will go well with our ornamented "Zangezur" ring set, matched with the "Zangezur" choker. Our "Zangezur" collection really makes a statement, so it goes without saying that the fiery and enthusiastic woman in your life would love it.

She is wise, she is patient

She is who you run to when you need advice and words of wisdom. She is understanding and patient and can help you to understand situations more clearly. She is full of life experiences, is well versed in empathy and humanity, and is in balance with nature. She is a beacon of enlightenment and insight. A teacher by nature, this thoughtful woman deserves an equally thoughtful gift. That’s why we suggest the stylish "Karin" earrings with matching "Karin" bracelets, and taking our favorite "Zangezur" choker but using it as a headpiece instead.

She is humble, she is courteous

Filled with graceful and beautiful qualities, this woman is not one to boast or brag. She is kind and courteous to those around her and doesn’t give in to feelings of being smug. Instead, she is humble and quiet, leaving people to admire all of her accomplishments at their will. Such a woman deserves praise and acknowledgement from those who love her, as her character is so kind that she would not likely ask for attention herself. A symbol of femininity and finesse, we suggest presenting this woman a beautiful "Karin" ring, accompanied by many silver bracelets and of course incorporate the gentle symbol of the dove whenever possible.  

She is past, she is present, she is future

Learn from your past, invest in your present and watch how your future will bloom. This is the attitude that ought to be taken when dealing with an Armenian woman. She has the potential to make your life heaven on earth if you treat her with the kindness, love and respect that she deserves. The Armenian woman was always an object of endearing respect in days of old. She was the foundation of the Armenian family, and the key to a happy life. Armenian women were always very fashionable and followed the latest trends. You would never see an Armenian woman with bare hands, as they were always adorned with shiny silver jewelry, lace and silk. Show your sign of appreciation for that special woman in your life by giving her a symbol of protection like the "Vanakat" ring (said to protect the wearer from diseases and other evil forces).  She can complete her look by experimenting with our "Wheat" necklace and ring sets! Cherish the women in your life, now and always!

Author: Ani Manukyan
Translated by Angela Hassasian
Photos by Damian Hovhannisyan (35 mm film)