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#MixandMatch - Gift ideas by Pregomesh

Dec 08, 2017

We all struggle to find the perfect gifts for that special Someone during the holiday season. We want to be original, we want the gift to really make our loved ones happy, to really stick out and show how much we care about them. The struggle is real, which is why we came up with the following list of all the different kinds of mix and matchable gifts you can give to those who mean the most to you. Now…let’s #mixandmatch with Pregomesh!


For your modern, perfect lady!

Does she have a flair for vintage vibes and Armenian pride? We have the perfect gift for this culture buff with Lilit Markaryan’s designer carpet bag and our “Karin” hanging earrings. She’ll love flaunting her passion for history and culture with this pair.

For the friend who likes to experiment!

Is she spunky? Is she bold? Does she have an eye for the latest fashion trends? This set is the perfect gift for her. She will dazzle, donning the fresh designs of Lilit Markaryan’s bag with an electric blue suede matched with this super necklace. This gift will feature a powerhouse of all the best symbols that Armenian history has to offer.


For the vogue individuals!

Is she a fan of art photography? Does she like being fashionable while showing her support as a diehard fan? This combo of Damink jackets and Zangezur earrings will do the trick! Tough and feminine, bold and fine, this contrasting combination will make people turn heads.


For your cool sister!

If you are looking for a gift to give a mother-daughter duo then this is the best idea for you. The "Dove" bracelet for mommy is a gentle reminder of her feminine and loving nature, while the soft handmade reindeer is sure to bring holiday cheer to any child. Both beautiful and considerate, this gift is sure to please both mother and child.


For the most special person in your life!

If she is daring, stylish and really has a passion for rejuvenated styles of old then she will go gaga for this complementary Zangezur ring and choker set. These pieces make an attention-grabbing statement. Gift this to the girl who is a powerhouse of femininity and strength, and she will love it.


For the turquoise fans!

We’re excited to suggest this next set to you, as it features a brand new addition to our jewelry collection, the "Lusntag" set. Pair these beautiful deep turquoise bedazzled earrings and ring with the turquoise suede in Lilit Makaryan’s designer bag and the scarf with Armenian letters by "Artuyt".  You’ve got yourself a hit!


For the street style lovers!

This is for the girl who’s a fashionable trendsetter, who really knows how to mix and match tasteful outfits in a cinch. We’re sure that she’ll appreciate the retro yet flashy "Tigran The Great" t-shirt with Sholla’s original sunglass jewelry and our very own favorite, the "Nal" hand-chain, for a glamorous touch.


For those who are ahead of fashion!

This gift set is perfect for the women in your life who have a unique sense of style and taste. Lilit Makaryan’s carpet design matches perfectly with our "Ukhtasar" collection, inspired by the ancient petroglyphs from the Syunik region. This gift is a wonderful addition to any woman’s accessory collection.



Make the children happy!

Looking for something that will bring home some Christmas magic and inspire childhood fantasy? This collection of handmade Mesani dolls and Christmas ornaments will bring joy to those who will receive it. These bright and colorful threads and original designs will spark the holiday spirit and will make for a wonderful and original gift idea!