The more the better… maybe that was the mindset behind the manic love for layered necklaces at fw 2018/2019. This winter, and now especially on the IG’s of Chiara Ferragni, Emily Ratajkowski and others, you can notice a tendency for its active use in their everyday looks.

The favorite hoop earring look of the last few seasons has given up its spot this fall to layered necklaces. Layers layered with layers, decorated with inspiring catchphrases, combined with necklaces and trinkets this fall.

The most important thing is that, in these “layered necklace” looks, the trinkets don’t repeat. On the contrary, they have to be asymmetrical, even be made up of different metals and colors.  

And if the trinkets in international fashion cannot have a profound meaning, then in the case of Pregomesh, the meaning is not only sufficient, but a must. A cross, a penny, a small or large coin?... If you cannot decide on what to wear to match your clothes, wear it all together :D

For many of us, there are pieces of jewelry that you can practically call an extension of ourselves, which we don’t free ourselves from for any occasion. In some cases it is a necklace from a great grandmother’s jewelry box, for others a ring. The meaning and content of an important talisman is perceived by each person in their own way. We hope that the Pregomesh collection will become your inseparable part.

Since you have taken out your warm scarfs, show off your beautiful necks with decorative necklaces. Wear them with v-shaped blouses, 2000’s tops and tweed suits.

Translated by Angela Hassassian


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