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Pearl Pins vs Pearl Boldness

May 01, 2018

Pearls are back in fashion… and it has been booming in Armenia before it even hit the international fashion industry.
Fashion designers say forget about pearl pin earrings for a moment. The iron classic was collapsed, now the pearl pins are being replaced with this spring hit. Now, the pearls are large, asymmetric, and in some cases dangle to the shoulder.

Before Chanel, Mulberry and Sonia Rykiel presented their version of the new pearl earrings at Milan Fashion Week, Armenian fashionistas were already wearing the hits presented in the Pregomesh winter collection, the “Lialusin” earrings and “Lialusin” ring set.

We had abandoned the image of Vermeer’s “Girl With A Pearl Earring” from the very day we were established. The Pregomesh woman has always distinguished herself with her bold character, big and heavy silvers, and the winter capsule collection was not an exception. Heavy metals combined with a fragile pearl turned out to be, what is today called, a cry of modern fashion.

Rich decor, pearl and silver - as they say, all at once. If in the past a pearl completed the entire image, then now it is simply the central element of the image...not convinced? Take a look for yourself.

Combine pearls with sportswear, attention grabbing colorful clothing and costumes, and see how interesting yet feminine the entire image looks.