Necklace "Shaki"

By Pregomesh


Shaki is the most beautiful waterfall in the Armenian Highlands. The choice of the name is not accidental, the structure of the necklace with its geometrical shape is associated with a waterfall, and it’s a more feminine and elegant waterfall than Shaki. In Armenia, it is unique. It is located in the Syunik region, on the left bank of the Vorotan River, on top of the Shaki stream. The main geometric figures of the necklace are diamonds, which embody the female beginning, in Armenian culture, and reflect power.

They say that the enemy sent 93 virgin girls from the province of Gegharkunik to the leader who had set up camp in Mughin. The captive girls asked to bathe in the river and the kidnappers agreed. The girls threw themselves into the Vorotan waves where they drowned and disappeared. Only Shake managed to flee through the flowing stream, and tried to find freedom. The enemies who were chasing her had almost caught up to her, when at that moment, a cliff suddenly appeared in the river, and the water flowed over it like white foam, hiding Shake. After that, the waterfall and the nearby village were named after Shake.

Metal: Silver 925 / Gram 162 


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