The royal wedding is near at hand. Pregomesh for brides - Pregomesh
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The royal wedding is near at hand. Pregomesh for brides

May 15, 2018

Rings And Tiaras: Meghan’s Jewelry Style

The long awaited royal wedding is fast approaching. On May 19, Prince Harry, son of the late Princess Diana will be marrying Hollywood Actress and Suits star, Meghan Markle. All eyes have been on the famous couple and the details of their upcoming nuptials. Our attention has been grabbed by her jewelry, of course.

 Prince Harry surprised the world by not proposing with the Queen Mother’s engagement ring, but by creating a custom piece by court jewelers Cleave and Company! It turns out that the 3 carat cushion cut diamond was from Botswana, while to two smaller ones are straight from Princess Diana’s collection. The ring itself is made of yellow gold, because that’s Markle’s favorite, and is estimated to cost somewhere between $500,000 and $1 million.


We’re also dying to know other jewelry secrets, like will Meghan be wearing the late Princess Diana’s tiara on her wedding day? Meghan is known to love jewelry that is simple, delicate, small, and understated, so we expect her choice of tiara to reflect that.


Weddings Across The World: Brides From East To West

Brides from Western cultures traditionally wear a white dress on their wedding day, as it is a color that is associated with the purity of the soul. Wearing a white dress used to be a symbol of class, as only the rich could afford to buy a dress that could be easily dirtied and worn only once. In fact, before the Victorian era, brides would wear any color and a common color was even black!  

The jewelry worn by the bride (and groom) often plays an important part in the ceremony itself and varies from culture to culture. For example, during Greek and Armenian wedding ceremonies, the bride and groom wear crowns symbolizing the fact that they are the king and queen of their family. In some parts of China, silver is considered very valuable and is a must for women on their wedding day. If it’s not silver, then there are plenty of countries where gold is the jewelry of choice (Nepal, India, Indonesia, Thailand etc.).  


Pregomesh Brides: Reclaiming Traditions

Two of our most popular collections have exactly the kind of jewelry pieces that embody all the symbolism of culture and tradition which would be perfect for a bride on her wedding day. If you want to be completely decked out in traditional garments for your wedding, that’s great! If not, have no fear. You can always wear traditional Armenian jewelry to add that special tie to your roots.

 We suggest the "Lialusin" Collection for petite and dainty brides, as the elegant pearls are a classic compliment to any classical wedding dress.

Wedding dresses from Berta

 The “Karin” Collection, on the other hand, would suit brides who are looking for a more bold look that’s more heavily inspired by Armenian culture.

If you are considering a more simple or traditional wedding dress, you could easily glam it up and make your image pop with a Karin belt from our Exclusive Collection. Pairing the "Karin" belt with matching earrings will bring the look together beautifully.

 You certainly don’t need to be royalty to flaunt a chic headpiece on your special day. The “Dove” headpiece has all the elements of femininity and refined grace that you would want to emphasize on your wedding day. It has the added allure of being filled with Armenian elements, providing a subtle nod to your roots.

Email us for custom orders of headpieces

A combination of something old and something new, the jewelry from our collections will add the perfect touch to that special dream wedding look for any Armenian bride to be.