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Pregomesh Full Hand - Ring set

Jul 17, 2015

It has been only recently that Pregomesh Handmade Accessories has presented the public with its signature Pregomesh Hand. In this short period of time we have received an enormous amount of positive feedback. Everybody loves it! The products Pregomesh Handmade has to offer are always inspired by ancient, traditional Armenian ornaments. These rings are not an exception. Pregomesh Hand is a composition of 4 handcrafted rings. The pinky ring, the band, the circle and the triangle. Pregomesh intended for you to wear the rings together as a part of one beautiful art piece, nevertheless you can wear each ring separately.
The triangle is one of the most prominent Armenian traditional ornaments that we have decided to present in the modern day fashion industry. It symbolizes womanhood, fertility and fortune. You can find this distinct Armenian detail on most of Armenian traditional jewelry.

Next comes the circle ring. In ancient Armenian mythology the circle is the symbol of the sun. Armenians have always believed that the sun was the symbol of perfection and eternity. This ornament has served as a patron, because Armenians have always believed that the protection comes only from above.
The next ring in the Pregomesh Hand ensemble is the band ring. It is usually worn on the thumb, but we encourage to take the matters in your hands and experiment. It is engraved with a beautiful grain-bearing spike. Grain ears have always been a part of the Armenian reality. Until this day, it is considered to be one of the symbols of Armenia along with the pomegranate and apricots. This particular ornament has been traditionally used by the silversmiths in the Kingdom of Van. And last but not least - the pinky ring. Back in the day pinky rings were awarded to the male Armenian high bodies by the queens and the kings, only for exceptional acts and contributions. Nevertheless, time passed and the pinky ring fashion started to fade away. Pregomesh Handmade Accessories has taken this opportunity to bring back this beautiful trend and make it an everyday fashion attribute to your looks.