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PreGomesh Favorites - A new shopping platform

Dec 09, 2015

At last, Pregomesh is launching a new shopping platform for our customers all over the world - "PreGomesh Favorites". Here, you can find a diverse collection of our favorite Armenian-oriented products. We have selected each product from various Armenian based designers and brands to give you an opportunity of finding your own piece of Armenia.

And now, finally, PreGomesh is thrilled to announce the first collaboration with "SHARAN” Crafts Centre . The company is based in Armenia and has been actively involved in the Armenian community all over the world. Among the newly presented products, there are keychains, christmas decorations, magnets, dolls and T-Shirts  for kids. We want everyone to be able to find something they like in this big variety of products. That is why, along with the regular print T-Shirts we have included handmade crochet ones with different ornaments. The products are made from high quality fabric and 100% cotton.

PreGomesh has made sure that PreGomesh Favorites keeps on doing what we do best- getting the highest quality of products straight to you, no matter where you are.

This is only the beginning, we will keep enriching the PreGomesh Favorite collection keeping you updated on our blog and all of our social media.
Staying true to our motto, PreGomesh aims to get the latest fashionable and trendy products to you, preserving the traditions of Armenian craftsmanship.