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"Nal" - From Horseshoe to Jewelry

Aug 24, 2016

The horseshoe, or as it is called in Armenian “NAL”, is one of the world’s most ancient and known symbols of good luck. We, Armenian use to say, that the horseshoe, when hanged above the door, protects from the evil and brings good fortune. The strength and power of the iron and fire are probably the resemblance to good luck. Armenians have been the earliest to domesticate the horses and master the blacksmith art, that had later been adopted by occupiers and neighbors.

Thus the moon-shape talisman was portrayed also on ancient pagan temples, Egyptian and Assyrian sculptures. The old Babylonians thought, that the earth has horseshoe like boat shape with hollow underneath. One of the reasons for symbols superstition was thus the consideration of it as a salvation boat, life door. The Greeks had placed it on their alphabet as a a last letter Omega, upside down, symbolizing the “end”. There is also an evident likeness to Armenian churches’ arch like door entrances, as an entrance to sacred temple.

There is a tradition that prescribe the hanging of a horseshoe with tacked points upward will increase the sleeper masculine powers, if the sleeper is female, her latent powers will be awakened if the points are facing downward.
Pregomshe’s “NAL” collection, which is a handwork of qualified masters, is delicate and feminine, will not only make the carrier look more feminine and stylish, but also serve as an amulet for positive, kind and talented forces, bring good luck.


Author: Armine Tadevosyan