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From Shaki to pyramids!

Sep 18, 2020

Egyptian Sebek – a net crafted Armenian ornament.
Netlike jewelry is called sabak in Armenian. Sabak bracelets and necklaces of the Armenian origin are numerous among Armenian historical pieces such as 19th-century silver necklace kept in the Ethnographic Museum of Russia, or the 19th century Karin - in the National Museum of Armenian History in Sardarapat.

It is worth mentioning, the same name "sebek" is given to “net” in Greek, Arabic, and also Hebrew languages. And as Sumerian scientist A. Rjazyan explains, it is of Egyptian origin, specifically, from the name of the ancient Egyptian deity Sebek or Sobek in the guise of a crocodile. The latter was the one who discovered the net, and according to the legend, the deity was a fisherman and hunted sons of Horus. In fact, a crocodile in Egyptian is pronounced as Ad, in Sumerian, it was meant beads, a necklace; this is the reason why crocodile was attributed to the creation of net. Thus in Ancient Egypt, where jewelry making has reached its top mastery, net-shaped necklaces were very common. Not a coincidence that the frescoes of Sobekhotek (meaning "Sobek is pleased") pharaoh’s tomb depicted a scene of sebek making with beads and jewelers.

[Photo - 1400 bc, upper Egypt, 18th dynasty ]

There is a symbolism of fishing and hunting in the Holy Gospel, where Christ refers to apostles, "Come with me, I will make you fishers of men."
Keeping the meaning and symbolism of the net jewels, the collection of Pregomesh ornaments is a chain weave of grain-like or arrow-shaped, spear-like “baklava” details.

One may ask if there is any connection between the wheat that symbolizes the harvest and the spearhead of hunting? The point is, the supreme god of the Kingdom of Van Urartian Haldi, the god of agriculture and harvest, was as well the deity of war, often with an arrow in his hand. The god is usually identified with Armenian God Haya and the ancestor Hayk. Both symbols, the wheat, and the spearhead have the meaning of “giving” and “worshiping” the life.
From now on, the one who wears "Shaki" sabak will be perceived as a hunter of fashion!