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Lion is a lion, whether female or male

Jul 18, 2020

Pregomesh is here to emphasize one more time that Armenian WOMAN always stands up to protect our borders. Armenia is strong in spirit, mind, belief and with daughters-soldier as well. 

Sirusho’s “Mher” presents that our new generation genetically inherited features like strength, fearless, persistence. “Mher” also shows the history and victories with the direct participation of women. Armenian woman was always the key figure when it comes to history.  It is not a coincidence that all the victories of the world have the image of a WOMAN. 


A strong woman knows how to defend what she loves. She is a brave lioness, a protector with a heart of gold, steadfast and unwavering in what she believes in. Do not be fooled by her femininity, because while she is gentle she is not fragile. 

Sirusho is proudly wearing our bold, powerful and full of strength necklace "Shaki" in “Mher” music video. “Shaki”s grain-like, arrow-shaped, spear-like “baklava” details called sabak, weaved in a chain.

The supreme god of the Kingdom of Van Urartian Haldi, the god of agriculture and harvest, was as well the deity of war, often with an arrow in his hand. The god is usually identified with Armenian God Haya and the ancestor Hayk. Both symbols, the wheat, and the spearhead have the meaning of “giving” and “worshiping” life. From now on, the one who wears "Shaki" sabak will be perceived as a hunter of power!

Sirusho’s headpiece which was not  included in “Gozal” collection previously has engraved wild goat images on both sides of the jewelry. In Armenian history wild goat represents gracefulness, speed, foresight and perfection. These wild goats you can see also on “Ukhtasar” petroglyphs. 

The one what we like most in this music video is the image of an eagle as a symbol of POWER.  Did you know that In Armenian, the words eagle and silver have the same root 'Arts', from the Indo-European word shine. “Arts” means majesty, victory and power.

Cherish the woman in your life NOW and ALWAYS.