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Best earring choices for your face shape!

May 08, 2020

Your personal stylist is out here! If previously you were having a hard time choosing the best type of earrings for yourself, this blog will guarantee you with better and easier ways to do so. You should only choose your face shape and find the perfect type of earrings which will suit you the most.

Round - People with round faces can find variety options among teardrop and dangle types specifically in long and angular designs. Avoid rounded designs. Try edgy accents like “Barez”, “Zangezur” and “Shaki” earrings from our collection.

Oval - People with oval faces are recommended to wear earring shapes which are greater in length than in width. Drop and teardrop earrings will perfectly flatter with your face. Earrings “Sword of LEVON VI”, “Tree of Life” and ear cuff “Zrah” from our collection will best suit this face shape.

Heart - Features of heart shaped faces should be enhanced with long lines and curves such as teardrop and/or chandelier types of earrings. Find “Shaki”, “Zangezur”, “Sipane” and “Aruseh” in our collection of earrings.

Square - For people with square face features, it is recommended to choose earrings in rounded and elongated designs. Hoop and dangling pieces will be good choices. Avoid wide shaped earrings. Our suggestions are “Syunik”, “Zapel”, “Urur”, “Syune”, “Vana Lake” and “Bethlehem Star”. You can find them in our collection.  

Diamond - Triangle shaped faces should be enhanced with softer and elegant curves. Dange and hoop earrings will be the best suit. Avoid diamond shaped styles. We suggest earrings “Zanger”, “Sipane” and “Urur” from our earring collection.