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This unyielding silver.... Pregomesh

Sep 23, 2017

Taking traditional ethnic elements as a basis and combining them with the contemporary fashion, Pregomesh creates vivid and original jewelry. 

All Pregomesh pieces are a result of a thorough research of historical Armenian jewelry, in order to interpret the symbols, patterns and ornaments true to the original designs. Once familiar with the origin and meaning of a piece, a draft design is drawn by hand in several variations.
As modern fashion trends are crucial to Pregomesh's values, we choose a sketch, which best meets the criteria of combining both, historical background, as well as, modern trends. The first sample of the jewelry is then made based on the agreed design. The main steps of making the pieces include soldering, hammering, ornament crafting, polishing, choosing the size and colors of the stones, clipping of the stones and testing the jewelry. All the steps are carried out by hand.

The final look of the piece is usually agreed on when 2 to 3 samples are produced. Some pieces require more samples before a final design is chosen. Furthermore, each component also passes a quality control. Overall each Pregomesh piece takes about one month.
The final step of the production is the naming of the pieces, for which, the team comes together to choose the best possible name based on the ornaments and the design characteristics of the piece. Each step of jewelry making at Pregomesh is filled with love, passion and a notion of giving new breath to the cultural heritage of humanity.

Sirusho plays an important role in developing deign and image of each fashion-product. Working with the best craftsmen of Armenia, Pregomesh presents to its customers jewelry that carries the centuries-old history.