"Grain" Necklace

Nov 08, 2015

Handcrafted by the first makers of bread - Armenians. PreGomesh is proud to present our newest addition - The Silver “Grain” Necklace. Armenians are among the people, who considered working in the fields to be a spiritual ritual, that is why grain plays a significant role in the history of the nation. Fulfilling our signature collection of handmade designs from shungite, this piece embodies a feminine and a strong character. The new design presents an elegant perspective on history and hard work. Armenians are famously known as a hardworking nation and it was here, in the Armenian Highland that the first bread was made. Grain processing has been first developed in Armenian Highland - the cradle of civil around m. i. a. XIII-XII millennium. The silver pendants on the necklace have been inspired by hand carvings of grain on the mountains of the Armenian Highland. Black beads of shungite combined with handcrafted silver is a signature hallmark by PreGomesh. We are proud to bring back history and present it to you with a brand new stylish touch. Staying true to our motto, PreGomesh keeps enriching  our collection of designs inspired by Armenian history. If you are not afraid of statement jewelry and like it elegant the Silver “Grain” Necklace is just for you.